Hey, Nice To Meet You

Responsible Italian Leather Handbags Sostter

 Forever on a quest to create and also curate sustainable, ethical & unexpected handbags, jewelry, watches and pretty much anything that is out of the ordinary, we launched Sostter.

We love talking all things art, design, watches, jewelry + bags! We love working with our lovely customers, and we also work directly with great retailers on a wholesale and dropship basis.

Our studio in London is at the heart of everything we do. It’s a place that makes you curious as soon as you walk in the door. It is a magical place filled with vintage watches and clocks, and old dusty books and fashion magazines (which may or may not have a sleeping dog sprawled across them) 

It's our design centre and where we do most of our thinking, testing of new products and sampling. It's where we have team lunches, spontaneous ping pong matches, and late-night collabs. It's where we plug into the community that will always be the centre of who we are.

//We support each other unconditionally.

//We both love to see the other do well.

//We’re really good at encouraging each other.

//We can say without hesitation that it’s not always peaches and cream, but we think given the choice, we wouldn’t change a thing.

And so, we will continue to talk to our customers, always trying hard to offer the most exciting hobo bags, totes, shoulder bags [ you get the idea! ] and have fun carrying it on. We hope you enjoy our visit with Sostter. Don't be a stranger.