Leather Design & Craftsmenship

Leather Design & Craftsmenship Sostter

Craftmanship is at the core of everything that is Sostter. It is our passion and thankfully one that we share with our AMAZING factory and leather tannery in Italy where the skill and knowledge are unrivaled. Each and every single bag is beautifully crafted from leather that had been responsibly, and ethically sourced, which of course means it has to be cruelty-free.


We work very closely with our lovely friends in Italy to source the best Italian leather which is then used to create each and every Sostter. product. Sustainably and ethically sourced [no compromises] these leathers are the most important part of a truly fabulous product.


The design of each Sostter bag is considered and pondered....and then pondered a little more, just to make sure it is perfect. The brand ethos is that all bags must be practical, and then bucket loads of creativity are added, resulting in a range that has grown steadily over the years with some fun and whimsical designs that are cutting edge and directional, but always commercial.