Leather Product Care


To keep your Sostter leather product in top-notch condition, extra care should be taken to keep it as dry as possible [don't forget your brolly on a rainy day] and away from bright lights and heat. Leather will suffer from all of the above, so let's give it a fighting chance! the metal hardware on your product may sometimes become a little tarnished, not to worry, just give it a clean with a jewelry cleaning cloth and it will be good as new in a jiffy. 

Leather can be a little quirky; we think it adds to the uniqueness of Sostter products! Bear in mind that leather is a natural product and it can stretch. Avoid overfilling your new handbag or accessory and it will maintain its original shape.

Colour variations in the leather are not imperfections, they are all part and parcel of natural leathers.

Leather Bag Care | Sostter


Keep your product safe and sound when not in use using the dust bag which accompanied it. This is the easiest way to keep your new bag looking its best as it avoids direct sunlight, scratches, and general dust exposure. Store it on its base somewhere cool and comfortable until you next want to take it out and about.