Sustainability & Craftsmanship

At Sostter, we recognize that all production activities inherently affect the environment. Our commitment is to minimize these impacts by paying close attention to every aspect of our process. We've dedicated significant resources and thoughtful consideration to ensure that our production of leather goods is conducted ethically and responsibly. While the term 'sustainable' is commonly used by many brands to describe their practices, we believe it doesn't entirely reflect our philosophy. Production, by its nature, affects the environment, which is why we prefer the term 'responsible production'. This choice of words better represents our values of transparency and accountability.

While we might not always vocalize it, at Sostter, we're deeply committed to achieving some pretty lofty goals, despite recognizing the challenges that come with such ambition.

What are we aiming for?

  • To create bags, jewelry, and watches that are so cherished by their owners, the thought of discarding them is unimaginable.
  • To produce accessories that are not only designed with care but also last through time, maintaining the highest quality standards without any compromises.
  • At the heart of our operation, sustainability influences every decision we make. It's a tough path to follow, but we're dedicated to making the most impactful choices.
  • In our journey, we prioritize collaborations with small-scale producers and support initiatives led by women. These partnerships are incredibly important to us, reinforcing our commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

We understand the appeal of using straightforward labels such as 'recycled' or 'organic' to describe our practices. These terms tend to be viewed through a binary lens – as either positive or negative, economical or expensive, eco-friendly or damaging. However, we recognize that these labels do not always provide a full understanding. For example, 'organic' does not automatically mean better for the environment, and synthetic materials are not always harmful.

Our strategy is to focus on transparency. Instead of simplifying our practices into catchy labels, we aim to provide you with detailed information about the decisions we make. By concentrating on the 'how' rather than just the 'what', we enable you to make more informed choices, taking into account the entire production process, not just the end product.

Women- Led Leather Artisans

Over recent years, Sostter has forged deep and meaningful relationships with our cherished suppliers, built on a foundation of mutual respect and transparency. Through regular communication, we ensure that ethical and fair practices are always in place, with any issues openly discussed and resolved. For us, it's about the journey, not just speed.

We've intentionally set our production in India, driven by the goal of making a significant, positive difference where it's needed most. Our commitment is to partner solely with producers who share our values of ethics and sustainability. To guarantee this alignment, all of Sostter's partnering factories are certified by renowned bodies that endorse ethical standards, such as SMETA, and adhere to the SA8000 standard for social accountability. Moreover, the leather tanneries we collaborate with are certified by the Leather Working Group [LWG], highlighting our dedication to environmental stewardship in both sourcing and manufacturingSostter Women-led Small Bath Production

Leathercraft Care Sostter


Sostter approaches the design of each leather bag and accessory with care and attention to detail. We believe that a bag should be both practical and functional, while also incorporating a creative touch. Our designs are a blend of thoughtfulness and playfulness, resulting in a collection that is both innovative and marketable. We strive to create unique, enjoyable and imaginative designs that are also functional. We pay close attention to perfecting each design, ensuring that it is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This methodology has resulted in a continuously expanding range that is becoming more varied and exciting over time. 


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