About Us

About Us

Hey, Nice To Meet You

Forever friends, we first met at university. We were friends for a long time before fate propelled us to start a business together, but we both have that entrepreneurial spirit. 
Forever on a quest to create, and curate leather bags, quirky homeware & all manner of interesting accessories, we launched Sostter. All of our products are not seasonal or trend-led, they take a long time to get from the original design to the finished product.

Our studio in London is at the heart of everything we do. It's a place that sparks curiosity as soon as you enter. It's a magical space filled with vintage bags, old books, and fashion magazines [ sometimes with a sleeping dog resting on them ], you will discover a world of boundless creativity that transcends the mere aesthetics of our leather goods. Adorning our walls are vibrant mood boards, adorned with a captivating blend of exhibition tickets, catwalk trends, and polaroids capturing the latest street styles. Our collection of swatches boasts an array of leather hues, spanning from vivid traffic light green to soft, gentle shades reminiscent of the first blossoms of spring. Our sketches, inspired by the buildings and landscapes that surround us, showcase iconic shapes and classic silhouettes.

In moments where inspiration may elude us, we find ourselves exploring the bustling streets of London, where the city's styles and spirit never fail to captivate us. Our bags are thoughtfully designed for longevity and crafted with a commitment to living life to the fullest. Our skilled artisans, ranging from pattern cutters and seamstresses to edge painters and screen printers, utilize only the finest leather and materials to meticulously handcraft each Sostter bag.

We believe that exceptional design, quality craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail are the defining features of a great handbag. While size, color, and shape are significant, a handbag must also meet the practical demands of modern life.

Huge news for our brand is that we have now joined the eponymous Brix + Bailey brand family with enormous excitement.....we can't believe our luck! 

"We support each other unconditionally. We both love to see the other do well. We’re really good at encouraging each other. We can say without hesitation that it’s not always peaches and cream, but we think given the choice, we wouldn’t change a thing"

About Us Sostter

It's our design centre and where we do most of our thinking, testing of new products, and sampling. It's where we have team lunches, spontaneous ping pong matches, and late-night collabs. It's where we plug into the community that will always be the centre of who we are. 

What inspires us? - The different facets of life, from the emotions of laughter & love to the connections made through conversation and shared stories, even the sad ones, are what inspires us. Life itself is a constant source of inspiration for us.

We love talking all things art, design, watches, jewelry + bags! We love working with our lovely customers, and we also work directly with great retailers on a wholesale and dropship basis. Take a peek at our new selling partners at Joules, Wolf & Badger, Verishop, Fruugo, and The Market. We love working with Lyst and plan to work closely with selected partners in 2023 onwards, and we could not be more excited. 

"It was a leap of faith setting up our company, looking back. We were fearless"

And so, we will continue to talk to our customers, always trying hard to offer the most exciting hobo bags, totes, and shoulder bags [you get the idea!], and have fun carrying it on. We hope you enjoy our visit with Sostter. Don't be a stranger.

Mallory & Sophia