Leather Care + Repair Guide

Caring For Your Sostter Leather Bags

To preserve the quality of your Sostter premium leather bag, take extra precautions to keep it dry, especially on rainy days. Avoid exposing it to bright lights and heat. Leather can be affected by these factors, so it's important to protect it. The metal hardware on your bag may occasionally become tarnished, but no need to worry, simply clean it with a jewelry cleaning cloth and it will be as good as new in no time. 

Leather can be a little quirky; we think it adds to the uniqueness of Sostter products! Also keep in mind that it can stretch. To maintain its original shape, avoid overfilling your new handbag or accessory.

Repair & Care For Your Bag - The Seam

To enhance the longevity of your Sostter bag, we strongly recommend The Seam, a premier care and repair platform.
This service revitalizes your bags, offering everything from mending straps and fixing zippers to leather care, all through a network of skilled professionals in your vicinity.

Sostter Ethical Bag Brand Collaborates with The Seam Repair Company

Simply pick the service you need, arrange a virtual meeting with a craftsperson, or "Maker," and they'll take care of the rest.

The Seam Sostter Collaboration Leather Bag Repair
Keeping your Sostter bag in excellent condition and part of the circular economy has never been more straightforward.

Another wonderful alternative is to contact Reflaunt: Powering long-lasting fashion with circular solutions.Reflaunt is a tech firm that introduces Resale-as-a-Service to fashion brands and retailers, offering cutting-edge technology that enables these businesses to let their customers easily resell or recycle previous purchases with just a click, right on their online stores. Reflaunt provides brands and retailers with the tools for integrating resale e-commerce and customized branded marketplace technology into their operations, as well as access to its vast global network, which includes over 30 resale marketplace partners and a customer base of more than 100 million second-hand shoppers.

Leather Bag Protection

To reduce the risk of damage to your bag, avoid storing items that may  contribute to humidity, such as oily makeup and sunscreen, as well as items that contain alcohol, such as perfumes and pens. Additionally, try to limit the amount of items you carry in your bag and give it a break by not using it frequently. 

The Dreaded Weather

To protect your bag from damage caused by the elements, be sure to wipe it down with a soft, lint-free cloth if it comes into contact with water. Additionally, avoid exposing the bag to prolonged heat and light, as this can cause the color to fade and the leather to dry out. You can treat your leather bag to a little bit of TLC using special care products from this fabulous list on Who What Wear. Another brand we LOVE is Skidmore's Leather cream.....give it a go but always test a small, discreet area first.

How To Clean Suede

When it comes to suede, it's important to protect it from water as it can both stain and alter the texture. Avoid using water-based cleaners. If a stain occurs while the suede is wet, immediately wipe it off with a cloth. To fully dry the stain, apply cornstarch or talcum powder and let the suede sit overnight. For persistent stains, consider using a double-sided suede rubber like the Nubuk Box. from the lovely people at Collonil. The rough side can be used for cleaning and the softer side for dusting and polishing.

Caring for your suede leather handbag is crucial in order to keep it clean and avoid unsightly marks. One important rule to remember is to protect the suede from water as it can both stain and change the texture. It is essential to avoid using water-based cleaners on suede.

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Handbag Storage

Keep your leather bag safe and sound when not in use using the fabric dust bag which accompanied it. This will protect your bag from dust, and it will also stop it discolouring. This is an easy way to protect it from direct sunlight, scratches, and dust. Keep the bag in a cool and comfortable place, standing upright, until you're ready to use it again.