Environmental & Social Responsibility

Mission Statement

Sustainability is now a key consideration in our design decisions while still preserving our unique identity. We are constantly seeking out more sustainable materials, but it can be a difficult task. Organic cotton for bag linings, for instance, is currently scarce, and developing new, innovative fabrics that meet our standards requires new processes. Fortunately, we have excellent suppliers who are working with us to find high-quality and more responsible alternatives. Together, we are making significant progress.

At Sostter, we understand the importance of being responsible to our employees, suppliers, and customers. We acknowledge the significant role that people play in the success of our business and strive to create a positive impact in all aspects of our operations.

Environment Sustainability Ethos Sostter

Initiatives Close To Our Hearts

A collaboration with our partners Brix + Bailey we initiated ourselves regards dead stock and samples which are donated to the Sutton Night Watch whom support and raise awareness for the homeless people within the London Borough of Sutton and surrounding areas. In addition, we are pleased to assist small, local charitable initiatives by providing items that can be auctioned or used as prizes in raffles.  

Respect, Trust & Reliability

At Sostter, we are strong advocates for an inclusive society where inequality and discrimination are not tolerated. This diversity is the key ingredient for creativity and positive energy. It also means fostering an open-minded attitude and a commitment to equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, personal expression, and background.

e value diversity and believe that our small team, made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, is the heart of our brand. What unites us at Sostter is our unyielding passion for our work. 

    Social Responsibility

    Traceability and environmental impact have become increasingly crucial. We are constantly working towards more sustainable business practices. We now also consider sustainability in our production process. Though we still face significant challenges, we have made a solid start. We have already begun to address ethical concerns with our producers, and are now also closely examining our fabrics and designs.

      Supply Chain

      Sostter is committed to promoting environmentally responsible behavior and ethical conduct among all of our suppliers. A significant portion of our supply chain is vertically integrated, which enables us to closely monitor and have greater control over all our operations. We adhere to all local laws, regulations, and labor laws and require a commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability and environmental awareness from our suppliers.

      Responsible Packaging

      For all our packaging, we explore the most sustainable options in terms of materials, reusability, and recycling potential. We are working to enhance our management and usage of plastic polybags. We are currently taking additional steps to improve our packaging initiatives. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we make every effort to use eco-friendly packaging, primarily paper and card. Our goal is to be zero-waste and free of plastic in all of our design studios.

      Sostter is dedicated to producing exceptional quality products while conducting business in an ethical and sustainable way, with consideration for people, the environment, and animals. 

      Code Of Ethics

      Finally, we have a Code of Ethics, adopted in 2018 and shared with all employees and external partners, that establishes the guiding principles of our brand: mutual trust, reliability, and respect. We are also partnered with The Fashion Pact, a partnership for sustainable textiles and MAXTEX