Giving Back & Social Responsibility

Sostter Mission Statement

We recognize the importance of being accountable to our staff, vendors, and clients at Sostter. We value the critical role individuals play in our company's success and aspire to make a positive difference in every aspect of our operations.

Initiatives Close To Our Hearts 

A collaboration with our partners and mentors, Brix + Bailey addresses the issue of dead stock and samples. These are donated to Sutton Night Watch an organization dedicated to supporting and raising awareness for the homeless in the London Borough of Sutton and its neighboring regions. Furthermore, we're delighted to support local charitable endeavors by offering items for auctions or raffle prizes.

Sutton Night Watch Sostter Collaboration

Smart Works

Smart Works is a UK charity helping vulnerable women find jobs – and their confidence.

Smart Works is an energetic, well-known, and rapidly expanding charity in the UK, dedicated to preparing unemployed women for job interview success by providing them with professional attire and coaching. This empowering approach not only outfits each woman but also boosts her confidence, equipping her for success.

With a remarkable success rate, 69% of women who visit Smart Works secure a job within a month, achieving financial independence and life-changing transformations.

Smart Works Charity, Charity Registration No: 1080609

Respect, Trust & Reliability 

At Sostter, we are strong advocates for an inclusive society where inequality and discrimination are not tolerated. This diversity is the key ingredient for creativity and positive energy. It also means fostering an open-minded attitude and a commitment to equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, personal expression, and background.

Responsible Packaging

We are working to enhance our management and usage of plastic polybags. We are currently taking additional steps to improve our packaging initiatives. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we make every effort to use eco-friendly packaging, primarily paper and card. 

Code Of Ethics

Finally, we have a Code of Ethics, adopted in 2018 and shared with all employees and external partners, that establishes the guiding principles of our brand: mutual trust, reliability, and respect. We are also partnered with The Fashion Pact, a partnership for sustainable textiles and MAXTEX